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China Doll

22 September 2014

This is the draft sound and music for  The Narrowest...

Sketches in The Sun

13 March 2014

Little notes and comments surroundings Kali 1. When I put my name in the credit, He looked at me and wondering, “where did you learn and studied all this thing?...

You Can’t Go Home Again

28 March 2012

Over a beer in the pub in the evening, Mark tells me why some people like to dwell on the past glory. He states that today’s life is too intense...

The Ark

08 March 2011

Talk to me about the one who’s left behind, the one who crawl in the dirt, the one who fall but raise again, the one who’s wrecked and standing up....

30 Grunts of Art

07 January 2011

The word contemporary in the contemporary art term is such a great thing. It is perfect solutions for artists who are not bother so much about their skill....

Gendjer-gendjer Phenomena

04 October 2008

There is one particular song in Indonesia that was banned by Suharto regime for more than 32 years. The song is called “Gendjer-Gendjer. ” It is because the affiliation and...