Selected Works

Waterfalls Plunge Into The Abyss

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I found identity is related closely with migration.I wonder what identity we might become – supposedly in a strange land surrounded by strangers we barely do not know about. Are...


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These series of photo are from my media art work called Suratan, a Javanese word literally means destiny. Through this work I make a critical view of the concept destiny,...


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This work is based on a program I saw about a group of men doing drag. I was so fascinated watching those men who were so liberated when they changed...


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Kali is a work about the importance of oppositional forces, using William Blake’s poetry as the inspiration for this interdisciplinary art work. Description A collaboration between Australia and Indonesia artists...

The Quest


There is a provoking question that I often found: what is it life for? Human being seeks the answers for this and there is no such shortage answer. There is...



The idea of mercy and justice – both are powerful virtues – often generates quandary when they exists in paradox. They are conflicted each other: should anyone absolve others for...

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