BE OR NOT Be is a portfolio of media artist Bambang Nurcahyadi Karim. The site showcases his artworks, experiments, and activities.

Bambang - also known by his nickname BB -  seeks to explore the boundaries of digital medium through his favourite theme of identity, women, and the human struggle.

His love of music, film, and literature has become integral to his artistic inspiration, as well as social and gender issues. 

  • Ex-Ether

    Ex-Ether represents the idea of connectedness between the differences.

  • The Runaway Horse

    This work is about freedom, and based upon famous poetry of Indonesian poet Chairil Anwar, entitled Aku (means “I”).

  • Tidal

    Tidal is the artist’s work in the heart of the power of women.

  • Finding Miyazaki

    Finding Miyazaki is homage to Hayao Miyazaki’s work and tells a story about a soul searching.